Admission requirements:

1) Hold a bachelor’s degree in geography, economics, agronomy or any other subject related to the contents of the master “Governance of Risk and Resources”, or an equivalent qualification, issued by a national or foreign university.

2) Have obtained a degree in a program of study of at least three years with above-average grades, or be in possession of a degree recognized as equivalent.

3) Have at least one year of work experience, if the university title has been obtained more than three years ago.


Documentation required in order to apply to the program:

1) Certified copy of the Bachelor’s degree certificate / undergraduate degree. *

2) Record of the corresponding notes of the undergraduate courses (or equivalent). *

3) Certificate of university entrance exam. *

4) Certificate of high school approval / secondary school complete. *

5) Admission Form (includes a CV and a letter of motivation). ** (Click here)

6) Statement of the applicant. (Click here)

7) Two recommendation letters


* It is necessary that the document is submitted in the original language and its translation into German or English

** Document must be completed in English